Have you ever wondered how you could just display all of your applications settings for editing and reviewing quick and easy. Here is how:
  1. Create a windows form (or use an existing one)
  2. Add a PropertyGrid control to the form (You will probably need to go to the all controls section of the toolbox to find it.)
  3. In the form load event simply set the property grid to display the application settings. Like this - PropertyGrid1.SelectedObject = My.Settings

Your done, it is that easy. Now all the applications settings will be displayed in a grid where they can be viewed and edited.

Note: If you only want to display User scope settings and not Application scope settings, do the following:

     ' Attribute for the user-scope settings. 
     Dim userAttr As New System.Configuration.UserScopedSettingAttribute 
     Dim attrs As New 
     PropertyGrid1.BrowsableAttributes = attrs

7/4/2012 09:15:31 pm

Thanks for the tricks and tips on the application display i will look to try it on windows.


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